ctfo 10x pure

Have You Tried CTFO 10x Pure CBD Oil?

ctfo 10x pure

I know you might be wondering – what on earth is 10x Pure CBD Oil – well, it is the latest product, with a patented trademark being marketed by CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome company. Let’s delve a little deeper.

What Is 10x Pure CBD Oil?

As the saying goes – this the ‘Mother of All CBD Hemp Oil! It is the latest product being marketed by CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome – company. It is 10 times the power of pure Hemp Oil. So powerful is it that it is a trademarked product and sold only by CTFO.

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Have You Heard About CBD Oil

bottle of pure cbd oil and the flower from the hemp plant

Pure Hemp CBD Oil is what you get from the Hemp plant. It should not be confused with its cousin from the same family – the Marijuana plant.

In as simple terms as I can use, Pure Hemp CBD Oil is what you get from the seeds of the Hemp plant while Marijuana is what you ‘get’ from the leaves of the Marijuana plant.

It is simply amazing that one plant can be so bountiful with the properties that have been discovered.

It must be pointed out here also, that the pure CBD Hemp Oil does not contain THC which is the ingredient that gives that psychoactive high feeling that is found in the Marijuana plant. You can read more about both aspects of the Hemp plant HERE.

What Are The Benefits

Of course, using pure CBD Hemp Oil on its own, or along with any synergistic component, will only result in better health for whatever issue you choose to heal with this natural alternative option provided by Mother Nature. Here are the more prominent benefits to be gained from using 10x Pure along with other benefits from just using the CBD oil:

  • Hydrophilic – which has an increased potency. What this means is that it LOVES water or any liquid state used alongside its application.
  • Accelerated – increased absorption which means a more immediate working on your health issue.
  • Supports – your best optimal health
  • Acts as anti-bacterial and prebiotic
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy energy levels
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Aids in digestion
  • Support optimal immune function
  • Helps with the regeneration of healthy cells
  • Promotes overall wellness and healthy outlook
  • Contains no nicotine
  • Contains no THC
  • Comes in 500 mg and 1500 mg of pure CBD Hemp Oil per container – you get to choose the best strength for your needs.
  • Is primarily a health source for using CBD Oil depending on the user’s needs.

And these are just a few benefits. CBD Oil has been clinically proven to help treat PTSD,  it helps with Hemiplegic Migraines, treating Tongue Cancer, and a host of other ailments. Albeit that the recognition is not so profuse, or seems that way, there are un-noted cases where Pure CBD Oil has helped and healed so many people with various health issues.

Here is a very interesting link  with an interview of Dr. Robban Sica, MD with Michael Swilling discussing 10x Pure CBD Hemp Oil – and it is simply eye-opening listening to through the eyes of a medical doctor.

One thing that Dr. Sica praised the CTFO company about was their 60-day money back no questions asked policy.

She said in order to be fair, if you choose to try the product, you need to give it time to do its job and 60-days is a good shot.

She also pointed out that although you might be taking the product for a particular issue, it is how your body will allocate the oil to where it needs it most, so be aware of this. You might take the oil for headaches (for example) and your body might need to address the issue of your anxiety and then ‘direct’ the oil to that particular receptor in your body before it addresses the ‘headache issue’.

In any event, it will get to the issue at hand, but it will do it according to the needs of your body’s health.


Here is the list of ingredients:

PCR Hemp Oil, 10xPure (Trademark of T4 Manufacturing Inc. and marketed by CTFO – the only one of its kind), natural peppermint flavor.

ctfo 500mg label


ctfo 10xpure 1500 label

How To Use

The best way to use any product is to adhere to the instructions on the label. The recommended dosage is 0.6mL which is approximately 20 drops and this can be taken twice daily. And clearly stated on the label is the fact that all or any use of the product needs to be based on the advice of medical counsel.

The suggested method is to apply the drops under the tongue, let it sit for a few seconds before swallowing.

Where Can You Find It

You can find the 500mg and the 1500mg 10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops with pure CBD Hemp Oil at the CTFO online site, HERE.

One thing to keep in mind – EVERY product marketed by CTFO has a 60-day money back policy, so you risk nothing but good health in return.  So, give it a try.

Here is a video link explaining about CTFO 10x Pure – LINK

ctfo 10x pure cbd oil

ctfo try it now button

Images courtesy of Pixabay and CTFO.

I started using CTFO products as a customer and then decided to become an associate. The quality of the products and the structure of the company’s associate program have cinched the deal for me. You can read more HERE and see if this business opportunity could be something for you, or if being a customer is all you would rather be, then CLICK HERE.

You can contact me HERE and I would be more than happy to get you started in the right direction.

20 thoughts to “Have You Tried CTFO 10x Pure CBD Oil?

  • Andrea

    CBD oil has so many different uses – it’s amazing what Mother Nature has provided to us without having to concoct something in a chemical lab! I’m hoping that CBD oil could help with my eczema issues. I noticed that with winter approaching fast, my skin has started to break out in tiny spots already. I would like a product that could clear this away from the inside out. This seems promising since it is extra strong. Thank you for sharing this product!

    • Michelle

      Yes indeed, Andrea. We need to gravitate more towards natural healing alternatives our bodies will thank us for it. You are so right. I would give CBD oil a try, it seems like a healthy option for so many health issues, why don’t you become the next testimonial? All the best.

  • Cynthia Bruni

    Hello Michelle,
    This page has a nice flow to it and you can tell that you did your homework. I like the way it is organized. One thing I like that would give me direction to order the product is your list of benefits of the product.

    The fact that it promotes healthy energy, helps with digestion, one thing I did not know, and relieves anxiety. Anxiety is common in so many people. The other thing is the regeneration of healthy cells. That is a recipe for curing cancer before it gets out of hand.
    Also, the fact that it acts like a prebiotic and anti-bacterial product is amazing. If this product helps blood sugar levels it could help prevent daibetes or even manage it.

    Thanks for the information. Very informative.

    • Michelle

      Hello there Cynthia,
      I am so happy that the information presented did a great job for you and your education on the subject. I appreciate your kind words. Yes, CBD Hemp Oil is almost like a ‘wonder drug’ if more people took the time to notice…and try it out. I am so glad that I have the information and even happier to pass it along to others. All the best.

  • Ajiri

    When it comes to treatment of ailments I always prefer going the natural way because there are hardly complications unlike the regular drugs we get from hospitals
    Sometimes I do go to hospitals but the fact is that drugs gotten from natural ingredients are always better and much safer.
    One thing I notice though is that drugs gotten from natural ingredients tend to heal slowly but they go to the root of the problem and take it from there. But our normal drugs we get from hospitals tend to solve some problems for a short time and then it returns.
    This might not be true for all drugs but it is a common phenomenon.
    The benefits you stated for the CBD oil are amazing and it is one thing I also like about most things gotten from nature because they cure more than one ailment.
    I hope a lot of people would read this and take necessary measures

    • Michelle

      Hello Ajiri,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I feel the very same way. If more people would defer to using natural alternative medicines, the healing would indeed be better, albeit, maybe not ‘exactly instantaneously’ as averse to using some chemically enhanced medication. I am glad that you found the information useful and positive. All the best to you.

  • ariel harris

    Hello Michelle,
    Wow this is one amazing product. And the fact that it is exclusive and patented to CTFO also says how phenomenal this company is. I am also just learning about this product, so reading this was so helpful. Especially the breakdown of what it makes it so incredibly unique. I am learning new words. grin. Thanks for this learning experience.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Michelle

      Hello Ariel,
      SO happy to hear that this article resonated with you. Happy too that you are learning new words and that I could help…lol. Yes, this patented 10xPure CBD Oil is a wonderful product and it should work wonders for your health. All the best.

  • Matts Mom

    I love CBD oil. When my dad was visiting, we ordered CBD oil to help with his Parkinson’s. It has helped him, and I use it as well. But, I have been looking online to purchase a good quality CBD oil, as mine is running out. So I am glad I found this website. I will look at purchasing this particular brand, as it is much better quality than what I have now.

    • Michelle

      Hello again,
      It is nice to know that CBD Oil is helping your father with this Parkinson’s health issue. This is the best CBD Oil around town, mainly because of the method of extraction used. I am glad that you found my website. Please check out the CTFO catalog of products and see what i a good ‘fit’ for you. All the best.

  • Daniel

    Changing The Future Outcome company provides great services when it comes to natural products, and once again I want to thank you Michele, for sharing. Since there are products for a particular issue, if I may ask, is there an oil that grows hair?
    In fact of promoting healthy energy level is going to make me give a try someday, however, I am going to be tuned in on your site for upcoming news.

    • Michelle

      Hello there, Daniel.
      Yes, I have to agree with you on that one – CTFO does present the BEST CBD oil products on the market. And this is due to their method of extraction which gets 99% of the best CBD Oil from the plant. In answer to your question, CTFO has just come out with a new product for hair growth, you can take a look HERE. I hope it will provide the information and help you may need. You are always welcome to visit as your time allows.

  • Mark Bailey

    What an interesting article. I wasn’t aware of all the amazing benefits that CBD oil offered. My niece suffers with anxiety and low energy levels which affect her function day to day. The product looks like it may help her. The 60 day money back offer looks good as it will give her plenty of time to try it out before deciding. I will pass your details onto her.
    Thanks, Mark

    • Michelle

      Hello Mark,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, 10x Pure is an awesome product and it can help in so many health issues. Yes, one thing I love about working with CTFO is their 60-day money back policy. It gives you enough time to try the product and if you are not satisfied, you can return it for a refund. Yes, please refer this article to your niece, and I hope it will be helpful.
      All the est.

  • Letsret

    Thanks for the information on CBD oil, I think many people get this Hemp oil mixed up with marijuana oil.  I make skin care product with Hemp oil and find the benefits of this oil to be incredible.  

    This is truly one of mother natures best oils.  It’s great to see all the information you have put in the articles.  Thanks.

    • Michelle

      Hello Letset…thanks for your visit. 

      I love the phrase…the mother of all nature’s oils. I must agree with you – it offers so much to so many health issues. Regrettably, there is such a stigma attached to it as a positive health source, however, with so many people being helped by CBD Oil, the course of thinking is indeed changing for the better.

      All the best,


  • Matiss

    10 times more powerful than pure Hemp Oil, wow. Quite recently I have come across the Hemp Oil as a substance of just awesome benefits, but I had no idea that you actually get it from the seeds of the plant, while Marijuana is produced from the leaves. For some reason I thought that there were two distinct plants.

    I love that you listed all the benefits as they have not yet stuck with me. I’m of the opinion that it’s always insanely beneficial to learn such information by heart as that at least for me seals the deal and ensures that I will be using the substance regularly (as it is in case of the conventional Hemp Oil).

    As for the CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops, I absolutely love the fact that it’s not overflown with harmful additives or just additives in general. On top of that I can only agree that the 60 day money back guarantee is beyond cool.

    Thank you for sharing all the knowledge, I truly appreciate that, Michelle.

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Michelle

      Hello Matiss, 

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you found the information useful and handy. Yes, I have to agree with you about the 60-day money back guarantee – let the product speak for itself is the way I see it. This new 10x is the ‘bomb’ to speak colloquially. It delivers. If you know anyone who could benefit, please pass this article along. And if you try it, I would love your feedback.

      All the best,


  • Shy

    I have heard so much about CBD oil recently.  It is very good at dealing with a number of issues.  I always knew that hemp was a great product to help with all sorts of problems.  There is a long list of ailments that can be treated with this CBD oil.  Everyone can find a use for it.  Certainly the money back guarantee is a big selling point with people being able to test it out and see if it really does work for them.

    • Michelle

      Hello Shy,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, CBD Oil can help so many health issues. It would result in a lot more smiling faces if we only give CBD Oil a try. And yes, with a 60-day money back refund policy what do you have to lose? My thoughts exactly.



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