Can CBD Oil Help With Hemiplegic Migraines – Ask Ariel Harris

Are you aware of how CBD Oil can help with hemiplegic migraines? Well, I am just finding out the great properties of this plant oil and I am amazed every time. In this article, I will share one woman’s challenge and how she overcomes it using CBD Oil as a natural healing alternative.

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What Is A Hemiplegic Migraine

A hemiplegic migraine is one where part of the body goes numb or is paralyzed due to the migraine in the brain. The symptoms of a hemiplegic migraine include:

  • Weakness on one side of the body – even as severe as paralysis and can include the face, arms, and legs
  • Flashes of light, double vision, or some other aura of light
  • Difficulty of speech
  • Sleepiness, dizziness, and loss of coordination
  • Inclusive of normal migraine symptoms

Is There A Cure For This Condition

At the moment, there is no specified treatment for hemiplegic migraines. As a common treatment, it is not unusual where blood pressure pills or basic migraine medications are suggested. They may not always help. And then, doctors also use anti-seizure medications as another alternative route.

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About Ariel Harris

I met Ariel a little while ago as we were using the same learning platform for our internet business. A vibrant, full of energy sort of person, and most definitely someone who you would love to have in your corner.

She is an artist, jewelry-maker, and a professional writer. She is a giver and an avid believer in ‘you can do it, yes you can’ philosophy. And this energy flows over into everything she does – from a physical to a spiritual level.

It All Started When…

Ariel’s life changed one day… as most life-changing stories go. It was a normal day, or so it started. She was at home, standing in her kitchen, and then, out of nowhere – she found herself on the floor unable to understand what the ceiling or the floor was.

So, what happened to this amazing woman?

She felt light-headed and somehow not able to make sense of anything. Somehow, she managed to get to her phone. And her daughter answered right away. She knew something was not right with her mother. Her speech was slurred, and she was not making much sense – 911 was on the way.

Ariel was admitted to the hospital where she spent the next two weeks under supervision and testing. The first diagnosis was an intense stroke. Then the medical team refuted that prognosis based on Ariel’s re-occurring symptoms.

After several more episodes like the first one, the doctors finally came up with an answer. Two weeks in the hospital and five months of living in a rehab center later.

She had hemiplegic migraine.

However, Ariel has a rare form of hemiplegic migraine. An episode can be very severe and leave her with a partial temporary paralysis of the right side of her body. This put Ariel in wheelchair due to limited mobility. She experienced memory loss, speech failure, discombobulation, and sometimes, days of several hemiplegic migraines all at once.

Ariel has tried just about all the suggested treatments, but to no avail. The reaction to the treatments were counter-productive in her case. In some instances, it made her feel suicidal. She decided to stop.

For the next five years after the first episode, she got accustomed to the idea of a wheelchair and caregivers – the option available to her at that time. She had to readjust mentally as well.

Ariel spent time with physical and occupational therapists who worked arduously to get her back to her precious nuance of health. No luck here either. After months of working with her, the doctors decided that change and help were at a standstill where they were concerned.

So, What Next…

ctfo cbd isolate drops

Ariel, a big believer in the gifts of Mother Nature, decided to try alternative healing sources. Her first source was the CBD tincture. After much research, Ariel found the Realm of Caring. It is associated with the case of Charlotte Figi, the little girl with Drevat Syndrome. Charlotte was being helped with her childhood illness of uncontrollable epilepsy. She was being treated using CBD Oil.

Ariel found the tincture and started her new treatment. She took one drop of the CBD Oil tincture twice daily – morning and evening. She started noticing that her episodes were getting fewer. Over time, within a month, her episodes were almost completely gone. She was amazed and naturally thrilled.

The power of one drop of CBD Oil was potent enough to make a HUGE difference in her life and she was happy. This gave her the boost to take her healing to the next level – walking unassisted. It has taken some time and much effort, however, Ariel has come a long way and achieved success.

Not only does it take a mindset but also physical exertion to move beyond complacency.

It has been over five years since Ariel has been using CBD tinctures as a form of alternative healing to stop severe and debilitating hemiplegic migraines. She is living life on her terms and she is an energetic person spreading the word as she goes, using herself as an example of life.

And she tells everyone, do not take the opinion of another as a prognosis for your life. You get to decide how you want to live.

Because she has been told that she would spend the rest of her life in a nursing home and never walk again. That was their opinion. Not hers!

Now she lives a life on her own terms, in her own space.

I also found an interesting article on Mom Tips: CBD Oil For Migraines…give it a read!

My Final Thoughts About Can CBD Oil Help With Hemiplegic Migraines – Ask Ariel Harris

Undoubtedly, each story will be different because we are all individuals prone to different reactions, issues, and determination. However, Ariel has shown those around her the importance of not giving up and ‘stepping outside the box’ of conventional medicine and healing practices.

Don’t get me wrong, the medical industry and their talented workers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, et al) all play a formidable role in healing people, however, sometimes their outlook and acceptance of medical issues and cures, can become tainted with indifference and scoff for alternative natural medicines.

It is up to the individual to decide whether they get the ‘last word’ to their health, or if they take the initiative to do things differently.

For Ariel, it made all the difference in her life and I admire and respect her choice and how much healing it has brought her. I wish her continued health and recovery and much success in all her endeavors.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay and CTFO.

8 thoughts to “Can CBD Oil Help With Hemiplegic Migraines – Ask Ariel Harris!

  • ariel harris

    Hello Michelle,
    Thank you so much for this telling of my story so beautifully. I can only hope that it will help others. As I am on a mission to get people out of pain and into thrive.
    It is so true that when we advocate for ourselves, amazing doors open. I wish that for everyone.
    May everyone who has had to deal with physical challenges know that there are so many other ways to heal.
    I am so grateful for CBD oil. I hope this article helps others find their thrive also.
    Light the pain in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Michelle

      Dear Ariel,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to share your story. I am sure that your story will help others as well as provide motivation to do do things differently, like using natural alternative products for health. Continue health for you, love and light.

  • thomas

    I’ve actually come across similar stories as Ariel’s! It’s amazing that this product has helped her life so much. Her story is inspirational and more people should hear about the benefits of CTFO’s CBD oil. Thanks for sharing this with us all!

    • Michelle

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Thomas. Yes, as I continue to research this awesome plant and its generous health benefits, I am more and more amazed. I wish all the people who use CBD Oil great health and relief from any ailment. All the best.

  • John

    Thanks for sharing Ariel’s story. I will look into some of the other advantages of CBD oil for some of my medical problems. It does have so many good uses, many are which are not even know yet. I need to research this a little more for my own personal use.
    Do you think it could help with constant pain from a metal plate in my foot.

    • Michelle

      Hello John.
      Thanks for your visit. CBD Oil has a variety of uses and you are right, maybe some are yet to be discovered. As to helping with pain, yes, it does. I am not at liberty to give medical advice, however, you may want to talk with your medical counsel about CBD Oil. Do your research and garner your information before doing anything, a wise suggestion indeed.
      All the best.

  • Odd Helge Hveding

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
    Although we hear stories like that every now and then, this one gets even more special since you have experienced it and I also noticed that Ariel commented here. that’s what I call real living proof.

    I understand this oil is helping for a lot of illnesses, is there a list somewhere? I’m quite sure there are lots of people ready to learn about this, but it might start with them finding it as a solution to their problems.

    Hope to hear from you. Keep up your great work!

    • Michelle

      Hello Odd,
      As always, a pleasure to connect with you. Yes, there is so much healing in using CBD Oil. People might be mislead because of the association with the more ‘prominent relative – marijuana’, however, they may share the same genes, but are so totally different. I too hope that people will remove the ‘blinders’ and utilize the healing resources of Mother Nature and optimize their health. All the best.


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