About Me

Well, where can I start?

As the famous words in that Sound of Music song – ‘Let’s start at the very beginning…’

My main purpose behind creating this website is about providing education for everyone – especially when it comes to the health alternatives. I think that if we start relying on Mother Nature more when it comes to healing our ‘dis-eases’, we might be better off.

It is my belief that there are too many chemical additives and synthetic ingredients in the make-up of medicines used to treat our ailments. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that do work and work effectively, yet there are some medications which work adversely, especially as the body becomes immune to the treatment which it ought to be helping.

Of course, there will be allergic reactions and side-effects even using natural alternative medications. However, it is my thought that the effects might not be too intolerable in the long term, given the chemical alternative.

So, in a nutshell, I am on a mission to show others that there can be natural healing alternatives and you can only know the possibility by making an informed decision based on the information provided.

All the best, great health and healing.


michelle lake

CTFO Associate


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