ctfo gala event 2018

The Amazing CTFO Gala Event 2018

ctfo gala event

I had the pleasure of attending The CTFO Gala Event 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In this article, I will go through the main ‘takeaways’ in my opinion and I invite you do so with me. And if you feel inclined, JOIN ME along with CTFO as they Change The Future Outcome of health and wealth and how people see CBD Oil.

ctfo gala event 2018

What Is CTFO

CTFO is the acronym for ‘Changing The Future Outcome’ and this is the mission statement for this amazing people oriented company.

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This company produces and markets the purest CBD Oil and products currently on the market. It is not only the purest form of CBD Oil but also the wonderful ethics of this company. Take a look at their mission statement that the company ‘lives by’.


Our Vision:
CTFO provides tools to empower people in business, health and serving others; demonstrating the Good News with quality, integrity and generosity.
Our Mission:
Our Founders care and want to positively impact every aspect of your life: 
In Business: By offering an affordable, accessible opportunity with a generous pay plan and a simple road map for success 
In Health: By promoting a healthy lifestyle; incorporating proper nutrition and quality products 
In Serving Others: By creating a culture of organizational, personal and community development 
In Quality: By providing products, customer service and associate support that actually work! 
In Integrity: By operating in an honest and trustworthy manner to our employees, associates and customers 
In Generosity: By giving back a portion of our profits to those in need 
In Demonstrating the Good News: By following God’s word, we operate in a life-giving and abundant environment, both corporately and individually
Our Core Values:

  • To provide expanding entrepreneurial opportunity
  • To provide quality consumable products
  • We are a generous company – generous with charities, employees and associates
  • We desire prosperity for all those involved with CTFO at all levels
  • CTFO is a company with high integrity (as a corporate entity and as individuals) 
    To share the Good News
  • God is at the center of all we do 

The Gala Event

The gala event was the first of many to come for this organization and was very exciting for all those attending, including myself. My purpose of attending was to be among like-minded people who had ‘taken the plunge’ to make their future better – in health and wealth.

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It was a beautiful turn out of over 600 people and I am being modest in my assumption of the number of people attending…there was probably more.

I was honored to have met the founder, Steven Finger – a sweet, soft-spoken, and seemingly kind-hearted man. A demonstration of his kindness, a simple gesture which I found really nice was how he treated my fellow team member who came in a wheelchair as well as myself.

He escorted us both to the outside of the roped registration area and then went to collect our conference badges for us. And then he escorted us inside the meeting area to find our seats.

I found this a simple yet endearing gesture on his part. It shows without a doubt that he is in the people business – no matter where on the ladder or totem pole that he ‘stood’. He is an epitome of humility and love for others.

I also met Scott Cook, Michael Swilling, and rubbed shoulders with other notable people in the organization as well as other team members who shared the same vision – helping others to better health and wealth.

Medical Proof About CBD

dr robban sica

The opening speaker was Dr. Robban Sica, doctor in integrated medicine. This entails using holistic medicine, natural alternatives, and such the like for:

  • Chronic health
  • Preventative medicine

She expounded on a lot of things. One of them was the misleading association between ‘pot’ and cannabinoids. Hemp oil has been used for more than 6,000 yrs in a medicinal capacity. The more common prescription being to treat neuropathic pain.

What people fail to understand is that the ‘job’ of doctors is primarily to set up the system but the body heals itself – ECS – endo-cannabinoid system. And this system exists in humans and animals – all life forms.

Medications tend to weigh down the body’s balance while CBD Oil dulls the pain by soothing the pain receptors. There are naturally occurring regulators – cannabinoid in ECS – neurotransmitter system is calmed by CBD Hemp Oil.

There are CB1 and CB2 in CBD Oil. There are 2-AG and Anandamide (which the body can produce) which are present in the endocannabinoid receptors and enzymes.

Anandamide (the Bliss molecule) is a powerful enzyme which:

  • Inhibits breast cancer growth cells
  • Can be found in a mother’s milk
  • Is also produced during meditation/yoga

The functions of 2-AG:

  • Is to regulate the immune system
  • Suppress inflammation
  • Neuro-protective
  • Is released when tissues are injured
  • Regulates energy balance
  • Suppresses seizures
  • Regulates the vascular system
  • Relaxes blood vessels/lowers blood pressure
  • Regulates communication from gut flora to the brain
  • Reduces systemic inflammation

There have been over 23,000 clinical studies. There are also isolated studies for the specific use of CBD. She also talked about the choosing of a Hemp Oil product. The best points to look for:

  • Organic is best
  • As a plant, it absorbs toxins from the soil
  • If you check the certificate analysis, ensure that pesticides are not detected
  • Toxic solvents should not be detected after the extraction from the plant
  • Micro toxins (which could be mold after the processing) should also be not detected

You need to have Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and this is what CTFO produces and uses in the manufacture of their product. And with their 60-day guarantee, the company has the lowest return rate in 30-yrs of business.

Technological Advancements In The CTFO Back Office

ctfo back office app

The next speaker was Ben Dixon, CEO of Naxum. He spoke about the new strides that CTFO as a company was making. He is busy creating a business using the track that others are familiar with – the internet and the electronic platform to share the word.

One way that he and his team were ensuring this transition was:

  • by improving the back office
  • giving the team the ‘stuff’ to share
  • developing DFY (done-for-you) social media content to share

The new and improved back office will be rolled out in the coming few weeks. I am excited.


chelsie hill

Chelsie Hill – Roulettes Dance Team Founder

We were blessed by her and to see through pictures how a young life full of dreams, dance and laughter was changed by a drunken driver which left her paralyzed waist down. She did not remain ‘bound’ by boundaries created by others or herself and rose beyond her circumstances to continue dancing – the love of her life.

She founded the Roulettes and in a short time, others like her, were able to live their dream and love for dance from a different perspective. Her motto – boundlessness is a choice. She had 3 thoughts to share:

  • understand that your ‘something’ does not limit you
  • list things that you love about life and yourself, as well as what you want for your life
  • find others that acknowledge their ‘something’ and go with it

A few questions to pique your thought process:

  • what boundaries do you have
  • or what boundaries have others placed around you
  • and, what is your choice

Remember, ‘excuses are like noses, everyone has one’!

Karen Apy and Michael Venezia

This story was another tear-jerker. Karen was diagnosed 3-yrs ago with a rare form of cancer and has defeated the odds 3-yrs later. Karen is a nurse and is very aware of medication and their multitude of applications. She has had chemotherapy, radiation, everything that it takes to rid the body of cancer, in addition to a whole host of pills.

Somewhere along the way, she decided to use CBD Oil as a form of healing natural alternative and this was the turning point in her life. Her life literally took a 360-degree turn to better health and she has continued to improve. Karen was blessed to have her husband, Michael Venezia, by her side cheering her on and being her tower of strength and support along the way.

Karen will also be giving a talk/seminar in two weeks to talk about the benefits of CBD Oil and one can see how she will be a walking example of its healing power. Now, Karen does not advocate that anyone ‘ditch the prescribed meds’ like she did, but she does suggest that you give natural alternative medicines beginning with CBD Oil (the type produced by CTFO, the purest of its kind) a try.

Launching Of New Products

In just a week or so, CTFO will be launching some new products:

  • CTFO gear – a collection of clothing (tee-shirts, trainers, caps) to begin with
  • Beauty Care products
  • Hair Care
  • And the patented innovated 10XPURE CBD Oxygenated Oil – the ONLY product of its kind.

I am excited to see how CTFO is developing and producing more products to help people and make their health better.

We also had the overview of the patented 10xPURE Oxygenated CBD Oil as explained by Molecular Biologist, Frances Reynolds. She could not stop raving about the power of this latest product.

The Why And The How To

doug firebaugh

The last guest speaker was Doug Firebaugh, Training Intenational CEO. He provided the room with fire and robust interaction as he spoke about the ‘why and how to’ as you promote your CTFO business. He gave some suggestions. The more questions you ask, the more answers you will get is his philosophy. Questions and suggestions like:

  • What’s your take on CBD Oil?
  • Stress the timing and the power of CBD Oil
  • Stress the stories of what it has done for people – get a ‘brag-book’ pf testimonials
  • Stress the fact that it is the NEW gold rush in health
  • Remember, first people FEEL, then they HEAR
  • Make them FEEL your words, not just hear them

He went on further to highlight 3 Power Questions that you can use in your approach to getting the word ‘out there’ about CBD Oil.

Power Questions

1/Are you ready for this season of gold that you are looking at?

2/Are you willing to do what others would laugh at?

3/Are you ready to ignite the fuse of the greatest season of your life?

Doug did a great job of pumping up the audience and reminding them that CBD Oil and this company, CTFO was a great place to be and a great product – especially when both do the same thing – change lives.

Yes, Changing The Future Outcome indeed!

My Final Thoughts On The CTFO Gala Event 2018

Well, it was a novel experience for me, being able to attend the CTFO Gala Event 2018. It injected me with resolve and desire to help others find better health and also improve their wealth. It will take time, but the timing is now, to be on your way to better health and better wealth, will you JOIN ME on this journey?

Contact me today so we can get your road to health and wealth a start in the right direction.

Images of Pixabay and CTFO.

I started using CTFO products as a customer and then decided to become an associate. The quality of the products and the structure of the company’s associate program have clinched the deal for me. You can read more HERE and see if this business opportunity could be something for you, or HERE if being a customer is all you would rather be.

You can contact me HERE and I would be more than happy to get you started in the right direction.

16 thoughts to “The Amazing CTFO Gala Event 2018

  • Alan Edwards

    Hi Michelle, thanks very much for sharing this information about these great products. I would like to discuss them in more detail and spread the word, Alan

    • Michelle

      Hello Alan,
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. My pleasure, Alan. Please drop me an email – michelle@healthandcbdtoday.com and I will get you the information you need. All the best.

  • Carl J Dill

    This is an excellent review of an event that I regret missing. Well probably regret is too strong of a word; but I would have loved to have met you, Ariel, Scott, Michael, Chuck, and all of the rest. And I would have loved to have had 1st hand knowledge of all that was shared there. This is the next best thing. Thank you for this very thorough review of the CTFO Gala Event! I am super excited about the many new products and the new tech to help us help others! You are a star in this helping others business! And I am priviledged to know you and work with you — I hope others reading this will take the offer to.

    Kind regards Michelle. -DCarl

    • Michelle

      Hello Carl,
      Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Yes, it was an awesome event. It would have been nice to meet everyone, however, life happens differently for us all. I am happy that the review was able to help you ‘be there’ through my eyes. Things are moving at CTFO and I am happy to be apart of this evolution. SO happy to be a part of your network, Carl.
      All the best and be in touch.

  • Sue

    Excellent article! I wish I could have attended the conference this year, but I’ll be there next year for sure. I can see CTFO growing exponentially, especially with the addition of their new products! Thank you for sharing your takeaways!

    All the best,

    • Michelle

      Hello Sue,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it was a wonderful experience. Just being there with so many like-minded people who want to help others and start changing the future outcome step by step. Yes, a great event to attend if ever the chance presents itself in the future.
      All the best.

  • John

    Looks like you and Ariel had a great time. Thanks for your detailed information on this conference. Looks like the market for CBD oil can only go up as more people become aware of its helping properties.

    • Michelle

      Hello John,
      Thanks as always for your kind words and for stopping by. Yes, Ariel and I did have a wonderful time meeting like-minded people all in one place. And a big resounding yes, CBD needs to be shouted from the mountain tops Because Mother Nature loves us and wants us all to be healthy. We just need to start applying what she provides. I welcome your feedback if and when you have the need to use CBD oil.
      All the best.

  • Orion Cohen

    Hi Michelle,
    Great article about the Gala, it sounds like CTFO is the wave of the future in natural medicine and I am very impressed with the healing abilities of CBD oil – fascinating stuff!
    I look forward to find out more about the skincare products that are about the come out – I am wondering how good they will be for Anti Aging – I then would love to promote them on my Beauty Over Fifty website 🙂
    Wishing you good luck with your endeavours.

    • Michelle

      Hello Orion,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, CTFO is definitely in the ‘new wave’ when it comes to natural healing alternatives. I hope is that those with health issues needing help, will be able to see the opportunity and start the process to improvement the natural way. I am also excited to try the new anti-aging beauty products, after all, who could not use a little help from Mother Nature. All the best.

  • Daniel Guimbi

    Hey Michele,
    This is an interesting article, this review made realize how powerful CTFO and I how more knowledge about that. There was a day I came across Hamp oil before even stumble on your site, but I never thought it should be that old. Honestly, I am impressed the way CTFO provide natural healing, great review.
    Bless up!

    • Michelle

      Hello Daniel, I appreciate your kind words. I am glad that you found value in the information. CTFO is a great company and more importantly, is busy ensuring that the health of people takes front stage in their company…and it shows. All the best.

  • Lane Onson

    Thank you for this article. I would love to visit Las Vegas in addition to learning more about oils. I am a firm believer that everything that we need – health and healing – is in the earth. I’m getting more into oils and other healthy items. I remember when I was first introduced to natural medicine and I have a friend who uses a wholistic doctor.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Michelle

      Yes, Lane. Everything we need is so generously provided by Mother Nature – if we only look and believe in the possibility. We are much too quick to grab that chemically enhanced medicine to heal our wounds first. Yes, alternative healing medicines are slowly take the forefront in healing these days.
      All the best.

  • Logan

    I am a new associate, just signed up yesterday. I am interested to know the date of the next Gala and if it will always be in Las Vegas or if it will be at different states every year. Looking forward to being a customer as well as being in business with this great company. Thank you.

    • Michelle

      Hello Logan,
      Welcome to CTFO. The gala this year was the first of many to come. The company will send out mailings as to when the next one will be…keep your eyes on your mailbox. I am SURE you will enjoy the products and the business opportunity. All the best and much success.


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