I should not wait until my kids are old enough to brush their teeth to start thinking about their dental health care tips. It is vital to start the process as soon as possible.

After all, if they do not take care of their teeth from a young age then there is a risk that, when they are older, they may need dental implants in the Gold Coast, Australia (or indeed anywhere else) due to tooth decay. Whilst there are a lot of good dentists who can handle this for them, it would be best if they can avoid it.

From their nutrition to sleep prep routines, everything I do should ensure the healthy development of every part of my kids’ bodies. While dealing with kids’ dental health could be more complex as children are generally delicate, there are tips to get me on the right track.

It Starts With The Gums

Cleaning a child’s gums is as important as cleaning an adult’s teeth. However, the gums are still delicate and sensitive, so I wouldn’t want to use anything that will harm them.

A water-soaked gauze is the best tool to use for an infant’s gums and first teeth. I use it to clean the baby’s teeth after every feeding.

Being Mindful About The Toothbrush

When a child has teeth old enough to brush, I should be careful to go for a brush that will be gentle on their mouth. Kids’ toothbrushes have soft-bristles, and companies pack them well-labeled for kids’ use.

Starting to Teach Kids About Dental Health

Kids will need to learn to take care of their teeth at some point. As soon as they are three-year-old, they can understand how to use a toothbrush properly and pour the right amount of fluoride.

Making emphasis on being gentle is important, and supervising during the first trials could ensure they catch on quickly.

Once they get to six, I can comfortably introduce flossing. By this time, a kid should be comfortable handling basic dental hygiene.

What Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Parents and guardians often consider it fine to let kids go to bed with a bottle or a pacifier. This isn’t wrong, but what the bottle contains can do a lot of harm to the baby’s teeth, especially if the fluid is sweetened.

Baby formula and breast milk contain considerable sugar levels, but they are still not as safe as we think. If I have to coax the baby into sleep, I should ensure the bottle only has water and take it away as soon as the baby passes out.

Controlling Their Sugar Intake

Kids love sweet things naturally, and it is okay to let them have their fun but in a regulated manner. Sweet products in the mouth take a child’s saliva at least 30 minutes to neutralize their acidity.

This means, if I keep letting my child eat something sweet every hour, he’ll always have an acidic mouth. Such increases their teeth’s decaying chances.

Keeping Them On A Dental-Inclusive Diet

I need to feed my kids meals that help develop their body parts healthily, including their teeth. Therefore, it is my job to find out what such a diet entails and do my best to offer a dental-inclusive meal.

Foods good for the teeth are rich in calcium, proteins and phosphorus, at the very least. Such a proper diet should also come as early as during pregnancy as kids’ teeth start to develop by the sixth week.

dental health care tips

Consult A Dentist

We might not all have the capacity to get a family dentist, but we can always ensure our kids have an appointment with one regularly. A good way not to forget is by setting one of the appointments when their birthday is near. Also, you might be interested in checking out this extensive guide on dental health care with relation to braces as well.

A dentist will give us more tips on preventing dental diseases and checking for cavities while keeping track of teeth development.


One of the reasons we are childproof is to keep kids from biting a piece of hard equipment or hitting their faces on a piece of furniture that damages their teeth. There are professional proofers for such services.

Take It Easy

Dentists visits are not always the easiest ones, and many people have a phobia for it. However, I shouldn’t project the same fear to my kids. It would be better if I encouraged them to open up instead and be free to share their concerns.

Kids can be very curious; therefore, I should also open room for any questions and encourage them to speak freely to their dentists.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash, and Pexels.

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