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My Experience With CBD Oil And Weight Loss – A Natural Alternative Aid

Let’s talk about CBD Oil and weight loss. The facts are familiar with so many of us:

  • We get older and our metabolism tends to slow down – we don’t ‘burn’ our calories that quickly anymore – whether it is due to inactivity or lack of proper sports practice.
  • We tend to eat a little more than we should.
  • We might have hormonal issues as life progresses.
  • We use for as a bandaid for some of our issues – friendship, personal loss, stress, divorce, etc.

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And these are the more common reasons, though I am sure you might be able to find a few more. The point is, there will be times when we want to ‘shed a few extra pounds’ and help our self-esteem and our ‘waistlines’.

cbd and weight loss natural alternative measuring your waist

With this in mind, I decided to try out the Pure Hemp Weight Loss Spray created by CTFO. I was introduced to this company based on the laurels that my close friend constantly spoke about. You can read about them HERE.

ctfo logo cbd oil and weight loss spray

I decided to try their product because as an associate for CTFO, I want to be able to advise others based on my experience as well.

I ordered the Weight Loss Spray and waited for it to arrive. The order process was easy enough and so was the shipment. It took about 3 days for my product to arrive and I was excited.

ctfo weight loss spray

I decided to journal the whole experience on this website as I could use it also as a source for others as well, especially based on my personal testimony. Below are my stats that I started off with:

  • Gender – female
  • Height – 5ft. 4inches
  • Weight – 71.4 kg
  • Chest – 36 inches
  • Waist – 32inches
  • Hips – 43 1/2 inches
  • Thigh – 24 1/2 inches

I figured that these statistics will help me in the future as I look back and see if the whole experience was worth it.  Yes, I look forward to seeing my results as I try CBD Oil and weight loss as a natural alternative. Not to mention that I feel like I am ‘baring myself’ to the ‘world’. LOL

Week #1

cbd weight loss notes each week

SO, Week #1 begins on 30 August 2018 – I was thinking it would be easier to just start at the new month for the sake of easy record-keeping, but I was too anxious to start and so here we go.

I had breakfast first – 2 slices bread with some jam, a yoghurt, and a cup of herbal tea (no honey or anything).  Then I brushed my teeth and sprayed 6 squirts under my tongue, held it for a bit and then swallowed.

ctfo weight loss spray

The taste is not bad at all. It is the salted caramel flavor. I had breakfast at 07:00am and it is now 14:00 in the afternoon. I have only had some water – club soda – flavored with freshly squeezed lemon juice. I honestly do not feel like 7 hours have passed and I am not having any hunger pangs.

SO far, so good. Let’s see how it all works out for the first week.

I follow the instructions on the label and excitedly look forward to the recording of my next week.

Stay tuned.

On a side note…I found an interesting article about CBD Oil and another use – Could CBD Help with Menopause and Fatigue? CBD Oil is such a great oil and the best part about it – it is all natural. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

To our health – naturally, which is STILL the best way!

Images courtesy of Pixabay and CTFO. Updated May 2019.


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10 thoughts to “My Experience With CBD Oil And Weight Loss – A Natural Alternative Aid

  • Maja

    Hi Michelle,
    excellent information about weight loss with CBD oil. I did not know that CBD oil is well taken for weight loss and think Pure Hemp Weight Loss Spray is worth trying. I believe in natural products and I will take this Spray. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle

      Hello Maja,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the Hemp plant and its derivatives are all a part of Mother Nature’s gifts to us. We only need to pay attention and use her bounty. Give it a shot and let me know.
      All the best.

  • Jennifer

    Wow! I wasn’t aware CBD oil is used for weight loss. It sounds like an effortless way to burn fat. Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

    • Michelle

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Jennifer. I am glad that you found the information useful. AND yes, it is an ‘effortless’ way to good health. All the best.

  • Jeff

    Hello Michelle
    This is an awesome post with CBD oil being so beneficial for weight loss, but I have a concern what is you are wanting CBD oil for autoimmune pain relief will I also lose weight? I experience problems keeping my weight up, so I would not want to lose any more weight.

    Would this be a problem

    • Michelle

      Hello Jeff,
      Thanks for your visit and your thoughts. Interesting question, Jeff. I am not in the medical field so in order not to mislead you in giving medical advice, I would ask you to check with your medical counsel. I would ask my doctor if the two issues could ‘cohabit’ with using one solution and the way the end result would be. I am using the oral spray to lose some extra kilos and then as a maintenance guide as it relates to my needs. Sorry that I could not give you a ‘cut in stone’ reply but I would be interested to find out the answer from your medical counsel. All the best.

  • Annie Collyer

    Hi Michelle,

    I am aware of CBD oil’s ability to help with pain, anxiety, seizures and even quitting smoking – wow, weight loss, too? This is truly a wonder drug. I will be pleased to hear how it works for you. This could be a godsend for me, too!

    • Michelle

      Hello Annie,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, for me, CBD Oil is a godsend to help me in losing a couple of kilos and to maintain it. It is working well for me. It is not a ‘drug’ – it is a gift from Mother Nature and should be used with thoughtfulness.
      All the best.

  • Anita

    I would be interested in knowing if the weight loss is directly a result of using the CDB or if it is a happy side effect of the CDB calming the stresses that make us over eat, or the loss of pain which keeps us from physical activity. I’m not questioning whether or not it can facilitate weight loss, I’m just wondering if it is a direct effect or a happy side effect.


    • Michelle

      Hello Anita,
      Great question…questions? Well, I think just like mind, body, and spirit, it is all connected. I know that it helps me to achieve my weight goal and this is key for me – the main reason behind my taking it. About the feel good factor – I feel good because I look good and this is good. LOL. I know that CBD has a lot of healing properties and it also helps emotionally (CBD2 and the body’s natural receptors). SO, I guess, it is a good feeling all over. LOL
      All the best.


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